The Rosy Project unifies expert knowledge in the areas of traffic modeling, Controlling of Data quality, software development, IT architecture & interface definition and Big Data.

  • Software-Kontor Helmert GmbH

    Software-Accounter Helmert GmbH (SWK) has the competence of more than 30 years of software development to traffic modeling. The software modules for determining traffic loads, calibration of traffic flows and prognostic traffic development are characterized by extreme computational speed and scalability of the individual processes.In addition, the web-based database system VZAweb is used to record, manage and visualize traffic data from different traffic counting systems.

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  • TRC

    The team of Prof. Em. Dr. Jörg Schönharting (Managing director) is responsible for the creation of algorithms for the integration of different mobility data, controlling of the data quality, LSA fine analysis and the creation of algorithms for the calibration of traffic models. Furtermore they care about the impact analysis of interventions in the traffic flow and consults the software development, construction of the database & method development.

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  • Abstracture

    The abstracture GmbH & Co. KG is responible for the development of the IT architecture, interface definition & their implementation. Furthermore, the creation of systems for online and offline data processing, storage and storage and persistence solutions ("Big Data"), trend analysis of traffic developments and the determination of quality criteria for data.

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  • Tsenso

    The young team of tsenso GmbH is specialized in software with forecast function. Map-matching and plausibility FCD, acquisition FCD via App UI & UX, localization and status tracking construction sites and the support of the prototype phase, generation of camera-based validation data, process development of construction sites integration and tracking. Develops a smartphone app for recording the beginning and end of the construction site. The also care about the early collection of requirements from potential customers.

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